CV Ruang Inspirasi Indonesia (CVRII). was founded in 2016. As one of the manufacturers of furniture and wooden craft. Our passion, dedication, and totality in developing quality of furniture products are proof of our sincerity.

various furniture and crafts

We work closely with retailers and wholesalers.

We also produce for hotel construction projects. We have interior designers and a research team who explore today’s design trends. Our products are designed and tested by experienced product developers. Our craftsmen and engineers work with the help of various modern precision machines to maintain good quality and quantity of production

hardwork and kaizen

We believe skill, sincerity, hard work, kaizen, and in-depth knowledge of furniture floating are the main foundations for everyone in our company. With this strength and supported by attractive designs, we will provide “value” to our customers

around the world

We distribute our products to a wide market not only limited to wholesalers and retailers but also projects including hotel projects, villa projects, housing projects or event restaurant projects. Private houses and government offices are no exception


Type of Business

Manufacturer and Exporter

funriture manufacture

Market Established

Domestic and Worldwide

Product Range

Wooden furniture, Rattan furniture, saving space furniture, and wooden handicraft.

Production Capacitiy

7 Containers / Month

Contact Us

Email : cvruanginspirasiindonesia@gmail.com

Head Office

Jalan Raya Dongos Rt 02/04, Kedung, Jepara, Jawa tengah, Indonesia. 59463


To become a leading company in the unique design furniture and handicraft industry that combines the best of Indonesian expertise, cultural heritage inspiration, current trends with legal and environmentally friendly materials. As well as forging long-term relationships with partners through a sustainable Research, Design & Development program in the furniture industry

cv ruang inspirasi indonesia


  • Continue to strive to develop design products according to themes and trends that are of interest to the market, and to maintain cultural principles in each product 
  • Trying to maximize the use of quality raw materials. 
  • Creating a comfortable room atmosphere for customers who have narrow space.
  • Managing human resources in a professional manner and forming a dedicated work team
  • Maintain intensive communication with valued business partners to increase business acceleration and create long term reciprocal business relationships.
  • Carrying out a Research, Design & Development program on an ongoing basis to create a sustainable business concept. 
  • Conducting a business that has a positive impact on business partners, human resources and the environment



Concern is defined in two ways. First, as handling complaints to customers. What we do from the start is to maintain good communication with customers, maintain a quality control system and ensure that our customers receive orders smoothly are part of our efforts to minimize complaints.

However when things go outside of our predictions. Here we have to be problem solvers.

Second, we define care as our efforts to provide benefits to customers and the community in our environment. With our company, more and more fields of work are open to local people. 

So as to be able to improve the quality of human resources in our environment


CV Ruang Inspirasi Indonesia is a dynamic company that always wants to develop new items for our customers, especially in the wooden furniture industries. We hope our products bring inspiration to all of our customers.

We have designers who are skilled and proficient in researching and developing new products taking into account various aspects such as style, taste, dimensions, trends, culture and color.

Therefore, we want to assure our customers of our capabilities not only for wholesalers and retailers but also for projects especially for hotel and restaurant projects.

 We warmly welcome your hotel and restaurant project handling with our best products.


All of this is related to product quality, on time delivery, and competitive prices. We always prioritize mutual benefits.



We are committed to prioritizing creative and innovative ideas. We also prioritize market interest research, design and material exploration.