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Established in 2016, CV Ruang Inspirasi Indonesia is located in the best manufacturing furniture town, Jepara, Indonesia.

Our company is a developer, manufacturer, and seller of many kinds of furniture and home decoration.

We have four manufacturing lines: wooden furniture, rattan furniture, space-saving minimalist furniture, and wood crafts

Quality Products, Excellent Services, Competitive Prices, and Prompt Delivery is our tenet.

1st production line


Wooden furniture, one of the divisions of our company. We produce furniture in various styles. We make colonial – contemporary style, minimalist style, scandinavian, we also meet the needs of wooden furniture with Indonesian carving styles. From elegant to simple designs.

A variety of selected wood materials with the best quality: teak, mahogany, mindi and wood with other beautiful textures.

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2nd production line


Sustainability is our top priority.

In fact, the residual wood can be recycled into value products.

In this handicraft division, we make beautiful crafts from residual wood


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3rd production line


Indonesia has majority (80%) of rattan population in the world, and the material is eco-friendly as it can grow on various environment, without damaging surrounding ecosystem. It is strong, flexible yet sustainable

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4th production line



One of our official brands for domestic distribution. We produce minimalist furniture, with a space-saving and multi-functional style. Made of plywood and laminated sheets​

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We combine our passion for great design with our experience in joinery to produce furniture.


Product & furniture manufacture by skilled craftspeople


From start to finish we ensure that every element of the process is carried out to the best of our ability


We can customize the design and the structure as good as you need

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CV Ruang Inspirasi Indonesia Jalan Raya Dongos 2/4
Kedung, Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. 59463
+62 811 268 1733
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